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George Hedge, Founder of GHC Railroad Contractors in Houston, TX
Mr. George Hedge

GHC has had an integral role in constructing and maintaining the industrial railroad network of Texas since 1975.

Completing projects ranging from $500 to $6.5 million, George Hedge Contractors Inc. has established a reputation for delivering safe, quality railroad construction and maintenance work  second to none.

The vision and expertise of Mr. George Hedge has uniquely qualified us to approach the maintenance and construction of your railroad track or transit project as a specialized skill.

Whether you require 10 miles of track to be constructed from 1,400 foot strings of welded rail; whether you require the exacting tolerances of a “people moving” rail system, such as the City of Dallas or whether you simply require the replacement of a broken rail; George Hedge Contractors can safely complete your railroad construction project to your satisfaction.

Railroad construction and maintenance by Houston, TX based George Hedge Contractors Inc.
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